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    Traditional Latin Mass by Reverend Father Daniel Cooper. (Given at Catechism classes every First Saturday at St. Thomas A Becket )
  1. Introduction - to the traditional Latin Mass 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  2. Why Latin? 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  3. The Asperges, Prayers at the foot of the Altar 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  4. Incensing the Altar,Gloria 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  5. The Prayer, Epistle, Gradual 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  6. Credo 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  7. Offertory 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  8. Offertory -> Sanctus 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  9. Canon Part A 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  10. Canon Part B 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  11. Canon Part C 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  12. Canon Part D 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  13. Commemoration of the Dead and the Nobis quoque peccatoribus 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  14. Minor Elevation & Pater Noster 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  15. Breaking of the host, Agnus Dei and Domine non sum dignus. 56Kbs, 300Kbs
  16. Post Communion, Ite Missa Est, The Last Gospel 56Kbs, 300Kbs
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    Other First Saturday Catechism Classes
  • Father Cooper Discernment Of Spirits 6-6-2007 300Kbs 56Kbs
  • Father Cooper Discernment Of Spirits Part 2 9-1-2007 300Kbs 56Kbs
  • Father Cooper Discernment Of Spirits Part 3 12-1-2007 300Kbs 56Kbs
    Catechism Classes starting in October 2009
  • Confession - Fr. Brandler - SSPX - Oct. 2009 FLASH WMV


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